DeKALB – A recreational and medical marijuana dispensary, owned by an Illinois-based company which already operates three shops around the state, could be coming to the Junction Shopping Center in DeKalb.

NuMed Partners LLC, which operates dispensaries in Chicago, East Peoria and Urbana is seeking a special use permit for a 6,600-square-foot medical and recreational marijuana dispensary at 818 W. Lincoln Highway. NuMed will head to the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission Wednesday to appeal for the permit, which will then head to the city council for a final vote.

The DeKalb City Council has already approved city ordinances to allow for both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. The request, if approved, would mark the second in the city, though no shops have yet been set up. A marijuana permit was approved for Chicago-based BQ Enterprises in November for a shop at 700 Peace Road, however, the owners await state approval for a license before they can operate.

Documents show BQ Enterprises’ state approval is expected to come within the next month. The city code allows only five marijuana businesses to operate within city limits at a time.

NuMed has already provided the city with an overview of security measure planned for the space, according to city documents, which will be reviewed by the DeKalb Police Department prior to any approval from the city.

The security plan involves indoor and outdoor security cameras which would be accessible by law enforcement authorities, at least one state-licensed security guard on the premises during operating hours, alarms in all entry points to the shop and locked and remote-controlled doors.

The weed would be stored in a secured vault and a drop-safe would be available for cash storage while the shop is open. The marijuana would also be tracked during the shipping process to the store via a state system, documents show, and all product will be sold in sealed packages, so customers will not be able to see, touch or smell the weed, and no consumption on store property will be allowed.

There will also be multiple checkpoints so store staff can verify IDs for customers, including at the security lobby and at the time of purchase, documents show.

The marijuana shop will also sell logo apparel, devices and other retail merchandise.

According to the city code, marijuana establishments must be at least 250 feet away from residential properties, and the closest property to the proposed shop is an apartment complex 315 feet away, records show.

Also in accordance with city code and other businesses in the Junction Shopping Center, city staff say there is ample parking for the proposed weed shop.

As with BQ Enterprises, city staff are recommending the council approve the permit with a time stipulation of six months upon city approval to obtain state licensing, build out the shop and be ready to open.


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