Cannabis shares/stocks:
On CANADIAN exchanges (in Canadian dollars):
WEED @ 33 or less (Canopy)
ACB @ 7 or less (Aurora)
APH @ 10 or less (Aphria)
HMMJ @ 16 or less HMMJ link:
On USA exchanges (in US dollars):
GWPH @ 130 or less
CRON @ 5 or less
MJ @ 27 or less
Also looking to buy back THCX, OGI The high-priced ones I bought through IG Markets (UK only):
Chart websites I use: bigcharts, sharpcharts, and IG markets
Here’s the best book I’ve found on the stock market:
That’s how I made my millions. If you study that book and decide to pick some stocks using the techniques described, then run them by me and I’ll tell you if you are on the right track.
The details of how I got started in the stock market are in my book Party Time:


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