Investing in CANNABIS/POT Stocks!? 🌿🔥

Investing in marijuana stocks. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Cannabis is the mania of the moment. Weed stocks have gone absolutely ballistic. Legislation is changing all the time and USA states are starting to legalise marijuana for medical uses. A lot of cannabis stocks started out over-the-counter as it was still illegal on a federal level and there was a lot of uncertainty. As marijuana stocks start to prove themselves things will evolve. But you need to be very careful in this sector! I think at the moment is it about how much money the leaders can raise and acculatate to help them grow in future.

I’m going to discuss some companies that are listed on exchanges and involved with the cannabis industry. Be warned, some of these stocks already have stellar valuations and are risky. There are also plenty of shady companies in this sector with some having committed fraud in the past.

Investing in Marijuana/Cannabis Stocks/Pot Stocks
Plant Growers – doing the cultivating and growing
Tilray Inc – NASDAQ: TLRY
Canopy Growth (CGT) market cap is already very high – 6.29 Billion
Aurora Cannabis (ACB) –
Cronos Group (CRON)
Terra Tech Corp (TRTC)

Pharmaceutical industry that creates drugs utilising some of the active ingredients of cannabis to help people
AbbVie (ABBV)
GW Pharmaceutical (GWPH)
Cara Therapeutic (CARA)


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