Is Marijuana Unhealthy? An In-Depth Look at the Research

This video reviews over 20 studies on the topic to determine which myths and claims about its harms and benefits are valid.
– Links and Sources – – @micthevegan
TIY Tiny House Channel:

DEA schedule 1:

NIH write-up on the topic:

Lung Cancer Main Study:

Wood Stoves and Lung cancer:

Heavy Users 2 fold risk lung cancer study:

Heavy Users 5.7 fold lung cancer risk study:

Estimate of Average Cigs Per day:

Smoke Danger Comparison Study (Also anti-cancer quote):

Vaporization Reduces Cig Toxins:

108/111 other compounds removed in vapor:

Mental Illness Study:

“acutely raises dopamine levels in the striatum.” Study 2014:

Dopamine increase in subjects:

Deficit in striatal dopamine release Study 2016:”

Dopamine process alternations in young starters:

9% Addiction Rate Study:

CDC Alcohol Deaths:”

CDC Alcohol Poisoning:

French Study on Traffic Accidents:

No Increased Accidents Under the Influence:

Drunk driving = nearly 1/3 of all traffic deaths.

1 in 4 traffic deaths is now due to cell phones:

Violence from Alcohol:

IQ Adolescents Use Study:

Alcohol Damages but doesn’t kill brain cells:

Infant Risks and Breast Milk:

Reduction in Childhood Seizures Study:

Featured Video about Seizures:

Featured Video about Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s Study:

PSTD Study Underway:

STD Risk Increased:


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