In response to Mr. Spicer’s letter of Dec. 21, 2019 asserting that the cannabis industry is not targeting children and alludes to the safety of cannabis, I wish to enlighten him.

First of all, to qualify myself, I worked in the medical field for 40 years and I have witnessed the tragedies and harm to human life and families due to the abuse of alcohol and legal and illegal drugs firsthand. I witnessed the misery brought onto the families children, parents, etc., by the abusers.

Yes. Cannabis oils have been found to aid in the treatment of certain illnesses, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the smoking of marijuana has not been found safe, especially for young people 25 years of age and younger, again according to the CDC. Marijuana has been found to have been use in many of the vaping deaths and lung injuries, again noted by the CDC. Honestly, Mr., Spicer , do you really think the cannabis industry will not target children, just like the tobacco Industry and the vaping industry didn’t (said with tongue in cheek)?

I personally am still against legalized marijuana, but it is the law, which is too bad.

Please remember that, when God asked Cain after he had slayed Abel, “Where is thy brother?” Cain answered, “Am I thy brother’s keeper?” And God said “Yes.” So leading the people down the road of ignorance that smoking marijuana is safe and under guise of FREEDOM is not in keeping with being thy brother’s keeper.




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