IVCC is offering a Cannabis Dispesnary Agent and Patient Care Specialist program from 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesdays at their main campus, starting Oct. 7 and running through Nov. 18.

The class will prepare students for medical and recreational cannabis markets with carry over into other industries. Students will learn to speak and educuate others about cannabis and how it can be used.

It will also explain Illinois state laws regarding IDFPR regulations and how they are implmented at a dispensary, preparing students for state licensure.

Director of Continuing Education and Business Services Jennifer Scheri said, “IVCC responds to the needs of various industries by providing training to build workforces. With the legalization of marijuana in Illinois, and the pending issuance of additional dispensary licenses, the timing for this program is perfect.”

Anyone looking to participate must be 21 or older and they have to pass a criminal background check. The course will cost $299. Call 815-224-0547 for more information.

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