JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – In Michigan, there are 26 active shops where people are able to legally buy recreational marijuana.

This weekend, a shop in Jackson added one more location to that list.

“It’s been crazy busy today, tons and tons of people, unexpected,” said Cameron Vann, a receptionist at Choice Labs.

“It is very exciting because I’m from Texas, so we don’t get to do this,” said Lauren Dunn.

Choice Labs on Page Avenue has sold medical marijuana for years, but this weekend it became Jackson’s first recreational pot shop.

Customers swarmed into the store today and Dunn was one of them.

“It helps a lot of people in different ways; it helps me,” said Dunn.

Vann says her job is pretty rewarding.

“We started as a medical company to help people with any medical needs, cancer, PTSD, and everything, all over the spectrum, so it’s wonderful to be able to help the public too, officially, so it’s cool that we’re the first ones to be able to help people,” said Vann.

Judy Lutz, the owner of the dispensary, says the business has definitely grown throughout the years.

“There’s a variety of products out there now that have never been available before, like it’s just blown up,” said Lutz.

The two women are excited to see where the industry is going to go.

“It’s awesome being able to talk to people, people’s views, and the chemistry, the science and everything behind it, so it’s only going up from here,” said Vann.


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