How are cannabis sales doing in Illinois?

Sales are as high as they’ve ever been.

There were more sales of cannabis in June than any month prior, with 994,545 items sold generating $47.6 million in revenue.

At NuMed in Urbana, principal officer Keith McGinnis said sales have been fairly steady since marijuana was legalized at the beginning of the year.

“If anything, it’s up a couple ticks,” he said. “We’re getting our share of business, no doubt about it.”

He said there’s less of the supply-chain issues that led to long lines and product shortages early in the year.

“What’s really happening is more product is becoming available, so now we have more consumers because the product is available,” he said.

Sales at the beginning of the year “could’ve been a lot higher if there were a lot more product available,” he said.

McGinnis said there are still lines some days, especially with limits on the amount of people who can enter the store during COVID-19.

Cannabis sales through the first half of 2020

A look at cannabis sales in Illinois since sales started in January. Source: Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Month Items sold Sales
January 972,045 $39.2 million
February 831,600 $34.8 million
March 812,203 $35.9 million
April 818,954 $37.3 million
May 989,179 $44.3 million
June 994,545 $47.6 million

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