LONDON–()–Kanabo’s VapePod, the world’s first medical grade vaporiser is now available to UK customers on Handpicked CBD, to use with three new proprietary formulas: Reload, Relax and Repair.

The high-quality pure hemp distillate CBD formulas are market leading with up to 86% cannabinoids and the vaporisation of CBD means it is fast acting compared to other products like tinctures or edibles. Each cartridge that goes into the VapePod contains 360mg of CBD and has a blend of terpenes derived from the hemp plant giving you a real hemp flower taste and experience. Each cartridge gives 300+ Doses and lasts between six to eight weeks.

The three formulas are very different: With stimulating peppermint and warm spice aromas from natural hemp terpenes, Reload allows a moment of clarity and focus, Relax uses the calming aromas of melon and sage to help quieten the mind and Repair helps soothe the bodies aches by releasing tension with the wonderful aroma of rosemary and berries, all with the full benefits of pure distillate CBD hemp extract. The formulas are non-intoxicating THC-free CBD that you can actually feel.

The VapePod enables you to track exactly how much CBD is best for you with metered dosing. Its discrete, sleek design fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. There are no buttons or settings; simply insert a Kanabo CBD cartridge of your choice and inhale. It comes with a USB charging cable that fits into any standard adapter plug. boasts over 50+ brands with over 500+ different products. All brands featured on the site are specially ‘handpicked’ and must satisfy a list of quality and safety criteria before they are featured on the popular eCommerce platform. It is The Marketplace for the best of all CBD products available online in the UK. Kanabo’s product range on Handpicked CBD currently includes the three proprietary CBD formulas and the VapePod, and the company intends to add more to its portfolio of products as the brand grows.

Handpicked CBD is a Materia asset and highlights the benefit of the proposed partnership between Kanabo and Materia that will make Kanabo the largest medicinal cannabis company in Europe.

Kanabo CEO, Avihu Tamir commented: “We are delighted to offer our CBD wellness line through Handpicked CBD. Consumers now have access to the strongest yet non-intoxicating CBD formulas with only the highest quality of ingredients. Kanabo’s R&D team has created these fast-acting formulas with the health and wellness of consumers in mind.”

Kanabo is a UK based company that develops highly potent hemp extract CBD formulas with the health and wellness of consumers in mind. Each CBD formula has carefully selected high-quality ingredients that are all-natural, non-intoxicating and dosable. All formulas are broad-spectrum (THC-free), EU-GMP Certified and have been tested by third-party laboratories that have conducted full cannabinoid and terpene profile analysis. Choosing Kanabo means choosing the best for you.

Kanabo was established in Israel in 2016 as a Medical Cannabis R&D and listed on London Stock Exchange in February 2021. The company has a focus on the distribution of Cannabis-derived products for medical patients, and non-THC products for CBD consumers. They have conducted extensive R&D in order to develop innovative medical-grade vaporisers, and various non-smoking consumption solutions – making use easy and accessible for anyone in need of treatment.


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