Kush Supply Co. Is Your New One-Stop Shop for Cannabis Business https://cannabisexaminers.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/3250/kush-supply-co-is-your-new-one-stop-shop-for-cannabis-business.jpg

Kush Bottles is now Kush Supply Co.
https://www.kushsupplyco.com | Wholesale Cannabis Packaging, Concentrate Containers & Dispensary Supplies

The updated name better reflects our more diversified business model, where we now supply growers, extractors, infused product-makers, brands, and large multi-state operators with a range of products and services that meet and exceed the critical needs in their supply chains.

In addition, with these clients experiencing hyper growth due to rapidly increased consumer demand, there is now more of a need for a one-stop supplier of core ancillary products who can scale with the market as it expands.


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