LA Cookies from Freddy's Fuego Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

LA Cookies cannabis strain is a potent Indica dominant hybrid by Cali Connection Seed Co. Buds are dense and frosty, bearing dark purple and green leaves that get darker towards the end of the flowering period. The flavour is bold with accents of hash and the heavy funk of OG Kush with a spicy undertone. Best for evening usage.
Type of High
LA Cookies cannabis strain’s high brings a full body stone which will sweep you off your feet with its stony essence.
Breeder: Cali Connection Seed Co.
Genetics: LA Cookies cannabis strain is a cross between LA Affie and Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains.
Indica / Sativa Ratio
Indica Dominant Hybrid (30% Sativa / 70% Indica)
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