Lambsbread Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

A legendary Sativa popularized by the likes of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Lamb’s Bread (at times called “Lamb’s Breath” or “Lambsbread”) is thought to be a skunk variety but is wholly different, with an extremely up and creative Sativa effect.

Lamb’s Bread (or Jamaican Lambsbread) has mysterious lineage, but is believed to have long-lasting, predominant Sativa genetics from the island of Jamaica. The effects from Lambsbread tend to be instant, plentiful, highly euphoric, and are typically considered to be very exciting. Lambsbread is most popular among patients suffering from depression,anxiety, stress, chronic headache/migraines, and other head-related illnesses. This strain will bring an uncontrollable smile to your face that won’t go away. The Lamb’s Bread strain is typically considered to be a go-to Sativa strain for many patients looking to medicate all-day — especially when you are going to be working creatively, whether that is artistic or acoustic.

This strain is an extremely uplifting and cerebral Sativa, sparking the creative mind and making any daily activity more enjoyable. This is a true tropical Sativa and can come with feelings of anxiety and paranoia for some users, but for others, it’s an amazing breath of fresh air mentally, clearing the cobwebs out and refreshing the perspective.

Lamb’s Breath (AKA Lambsbread) is a sativa dominant, hybrid strain with a normal yield. The taste is a combination of woodsy, skunky, spicy and dank. The aroma is skunk, dank and pine. Recommended for patients with glaucoma, inflammation, depression, migraines and ADD/ADHD.

Lamb’s Bread is a Sativa that originated in Jamaica and is said to be a variety of skunk. Able to be grown indoors or outdoors with relative ease by growers of any experience level it produces yields of up to 400 grams per square meter after finishing in nine to ten weeks, Lamb’s Bread is often hard to find. There is another strain that is similar called “Lamb’s Breath” which may be a hybrid or in some cases even the same strain.

Seed versions have been released by Dutch seed banks, but the real landrace varieties still exist. Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks. Known for being grown outdoors, Lamb’s Bread needs room to stretch if grown indoors.

The term “lamb’s bread” is common in the Rastafarian religion, mentioned in many Reggae songs. As a slang term, it’s also common in Jamaica and simply means great ganja. Dutch cannabis seed banks have taken to calling the strain “Lamb’s Breath,” erroneously thinking that it was Jamacian being pronounced “bread” or “bred.”

Just as there is a Lambsbread marijuana strain circulating around over the past few decades, there is also a strain by the name of Lamb’s Breath that is very similar in both effects (Sativa) and origin. Because there are different phenotypes of cannabis strains, it would make sense that there are various popular versions of the Lambs Bread strain. Once a phenotype takes on favorable characteristics, many growers will focus on developing that strain’s unique characteristics that will eventually set it apart from the rest and allow it to become a popular strain. After all, uniqueness is what the patients want in today’s medical marijuana marketplace.

Lamb’s Bread is an almost entirely Sativa strain with a Jamaican heritage that was smoked and well loved by the great Bob Marley. Some even going so far as to state it was his strain of choice.

Lamb’s Bread, sometimes known as Lamb’s Breath or Jamaican Lambsbread, was originally a Jamaican landrace believed by some to now be a sativa-dominant variety of Skunk. Along with disagreement and confusion regarding the genetics, there is also murkiness surrounding the various names and whether they are indeed all the same thing, or if some refer to hybrids or phenotypes of Lamb’s Bread. It’s hard to know as the name is also slang for any great cannabis in Jamaica. At any rate, Lamb’s Bread is often associated with Rastafarian cannabis hero, the late Bob Marley, and is rumored to have been his smoke of choice. The high is typical of sativas offering uplifting, euphoric, energizing, and cerebral effects. Medicinally, this strain is also helpful for pain relief, inflammation, glaucoma, and nausea. Its mellow high makes it great for morning use as well as support throughout the day.

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