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http://www.whatsyourvapetemp.com/ – Today, Master Ent will teach us the history of cannabis – where it all started. Watch Master Ent and get a dose of vape wisdom in this video.

So to understand the future of vaping, we all must first look at the past. In the “Stoned” age, over 5000 years ago, the first documented use of cannabis was by the great emperor Shen Nung from China. While there is no evidence to prove what he used to consume cannabis china, my assumption is – he used a pipe. Then in the Ming Dynasty, in the 16th century, the water pipe – a.k.a “Bong” was born. It was first used for tobacco but was later found to have a better purpose – for cannabis.

The first vaporizer was invented on the mid 90’s and originated in Canada where a company produced prototypes in 1994. Several advances later, the portable vaporizer was invented. We’ve had many improvements, mainly allowing people to consume virtually anywhere with these. The most advanced vaporizers in the market allow you to precisely control the temperature at what you vape. This allows everyone to craft their own buzz.

If you want to get a “light” buzz, you can simply dial the temperature low. If you want to get stoned out of your mind, just turn the temperature way up high. So what’s the future of vaporization hold? Well, that’s for me to know and for you to discover.

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