The Community Alliance 4 Youth Success, a coalition coordinated by The Legacy Center, and Midland County Department of Public Health have joined forces to launch a new campaign to educate the community on the laws, responsible use of and prevention of underage use of marijuana. The campaign, Good to Know, addresses issues such as driving under the influence, pregnancy and marijuana, underage use and safe storage.

Under Michigan’s new law, the legal age to consume marijuana recreationally is 21. A recent survey conducted by the partnership found that 25% of youth and 15% of adults were unaware of the legal age to use. In order to reinforce this important part of the law, the Good to Know campaign will launch Sept. 21. The survey also revealed that about half of the adult and youth respondents did not know that medical marijuana and adult-use marijuana have the same effects.

Good to Know will appear throughout the county in the form of billboards and social media posts. Media group, Imageworks, used locations and resources from around Midland County to shoot the images used in the campaign. Local restaurants are also supporting this effort by placing Good to Know stickers on take out orders.

The Good to Know campaign was originally designed by the State of Colorado and is currently a statewide campaign being used in Maine. However, the key messages were developed by the Community Alliance 4 Youth Success, a community coalition focused on reducing youth substance use.

“Whether or not you choose to use marijuana, we all play a role in keeping our community safe. So, let’s help one another along as we learn to navigate the rules and guidelines that govern safe, legal and responsible marijuana use,” states a news release. “Because when it comes to marijuana, there’s one thing we can all agree on — it’s Good to Know.”

Be safe, be responsible and, please, do your part to prevent underage marijuana use. To learn more visit:

Questions about the campaign can be directed to The Legacy Center for Community Success at 989-496-1425.

This project was funded by the Medical Marihuana Operation and Oversight Grant.

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