The Legal Marijuana Now Party has won a place on the Nebraska ballot after meeting statutory petition requirements to be recognized as an official political party in Nebraska.

Secretary of State Bob Evnen announced Wednesday that the party has gained official recognition.

Co-chairs Mark Elworth Jr. and Krystal Gabel said they submitted more than 10,000 signatures to the secretary of state that were collected over the past four years in their successful bid to establish Nebraska’s newest political party.

Approximately 6,800 valid signatures were needed to secure access to the Nebraska ballot, they said. 

“LMN is a grassroots political organization that opposes the war on drugs, including cannabis and hemp prohibition, while relying on the Bill of Rights as its permanent platform,” Elworth and Gabel said.

The new party will be “looking for pro-cannabis candidates who want to run for office in the 2022 mid-term and 2024 general elections,” they said.

“The party needs pro-cannabis candidates to run for local, state and federal offices to better represent cannabis patients, their families and related businesses in Nebraska,” the duo said.

Evnen said individuals can affiliate with the party as registered voters and the party can nominate candidates for partisan offices.

For information about registering to vote, Evnen said Nebraskans can visit the secretary of state’s website at


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