Gasca, according to the memo, “informs the director that she is responding to Mr. Mitchell’s request to connect the director to a person whose resume description is an exact match to that of Mr. Chad Warren Westom, head of Veracious.”

The memo says there were no other records of communications between Williams, Gasca and Westom.

“The committee is entitled to question why Director Williams did not disclose to it this early connection to the individual whose company was selected to score applications,” the memo says.

“It is further justified in inquiring whether Mr. Westom was connected with any other DHSS officials earlier than has previously been shared with SCOGO (the Special Committee on Government Oversight), as well as the nature and timing of any such communications,” the memo says.

Williams did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Monday.

The memo says that while officials have denied “having any basis for concern” over Wise’s “impartiality or conflicts of interest,” the House identified records that detail such concerns.

“In these, the individuals allege in detail conflicts of interest and other appearances of impropriety on the part of WHS (Wise Health Solutions),” the memo says.

The committee also obtained status reports from Wise that mention problems during the scoring process; however, the memo said the updates were vague and said the committee should ask the company and state for more information.


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