xyz Lemoore City Council Chambers

Lemoore Council Chambers, 429 C St.

LEMOORE — Lemoore will soon be home to an 83-acre cannabis cultivation operation south of the city.

During its meeting Tuesday evening, the Lemoore City Council unanimously approved a project development agreement and cannabis regulatory permit between the city and FARM Lemoore, LLC.

FARM Lemoore LLC, the same owner-operator Natural Healing Center, one of the city’s downtown dispensaries, proposed to cultivate cannabis on just over 83 acres north of Jackson Avenue and just east of state Route-41 in Lemoore.

As part of the agreement, FARM Lemoore, LLC, will pay the city 2% gross receipts on the sale of the crop. City Manager Nathan Olson said this could potentially bring $2-2.2 million annually to the city.

Lemoore’s current budget estimations show the city will be about $2.9 million in the red, so Olson hopes the deal will help get the city back in the black.

“It doesn’t get us all the way there, but it’s definitely helpful,” Olson said.

Councilmember Christopher Schalde said given the city’s current fiscal circumstances, opportunities to help the city must be taken when they present themselves.

Councilmember Stuart Lyons and Mayor Pro Tem John Plourde both agreed, with Lyons saying the city shouldn’t turn down revenue and Plourde saying they have to do everything they can to keep business coming to the city.

“I think it’s not just a decent idea, I think it’s a good idea,” Lyons said.

“If it’s a legal business, it should be allowed a permit,” Plourde added.


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