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Hello, I’m curious on the recreational use guidelines in Detroit. I will be moving here and I’m curious on the laws. —Alexis M.

Hi Alexis. Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to Michigan!

We covered these issues in last year’s 4/20 issue; look up our article “Michigan’s cannabis laws for dummies: The dos and don’ts of dope.” In a nutshell, any adult 21 or older can use and possess cannabis. People can travel with up to 2.5 oz. of cannabis flower or 15 grams of concentrate anywhere except on a school property, school bus, or a correctional institution. (For perspective: A plastic sandwich bag holds about 2 oz. of cannabis flower; concentrate cartridges tend to be .5 gram or 1 gram each.) At home, people can possess up to 10 oz. of flower as long as anything over 2.5 oz. is locked up. Violations are a civil infraction punishable by a $100 fine.

By law, people can grow up to 12 marijuana plants per household, and if you grow your own, there’s no limit to how much marijuana you can possess.

You can find a list of stores that sell recreational cannabis on our website.

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