SAN DIEGO–()–Today, Levadura Biotechnology Inc., a leader in synthetic biology with a unique feedstock and biocatalysis approach, announced that it has received the International Search Report (ISR) for Levadura’s first Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application. The examiner identified multiple subject matters that were both novel and inventive. This examination is an essential step in obtaining intellectual property protection for Levadura’s cannabinoid biosynthesis technology.

Levadura CEO, Matthew Engler, said, “Today marks a critical milestone in Levadura’s establishment as the only company using vegetable oil as a raw material to produce cannabinoids. This review, combined with Levadura’s recent proof-of-concept for two of the most important cannabinoids using our proprietary technology are a testament to the scientific pedigree and hard work of our team. This revolutionary technology will make Levadura the go-to source for cannabinoids across multiple applications, including those with the lowest cost and highest quality requirements.”

Levadura CTO, José M. Laplaza, added, “This first application protects our core technology. We are looking forward to interacting with the US Patent Office to quickly prosecute and obtain patent protection.”

The Company’s next step is to prosecute the patent with the USPTO. The US is the largest cannabinoid market in the world, with an expected size of $100 billion by the year 2029.

Levadura Biotechnology closed a seed round in 2019 and is currently raising additional capital to optimize and scale its technology. For more information, please contact Brian Conn, CFO (

About Levadura Biotechnology, Inc: Based in San Diego, CA, Levadura Biotechnology is the leader in synthetic biology and fermentation technology. It is developing a yeast-based platform for the production of important molecules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, pet-care, and wellness markets that are underserved by current sources. Levadura’s first targets are cannabinoids, an important group of chemicals with growing global demand and applications.


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