ROCKFORD (WREX) — After a first place finish at a Pigapalooza Competition, Little Nick’s BBQ is taking on a new challenge. 

The restaurant is now offering cannabis-infused barbeque products. 

The products include mild and spicy infused sauces, as well as rubs. 

Each tablespoon of sauce contains 10 milligrams of THC, and a full bottle contains 320 milligrams. 

BBQ sauces offered at Little Nick's

Owner and Pitmaster of Little Nick’s BBQ, Thaddeus Denthriff II says this will take barbeque to a whole new level. 

“Our company slogan. That’s why we’re doing this actually, the infused barbeque,” Denthriff II said. “One of the things we thought about barbeque it’s kind of in a box a little bit so we wanted to take barbeque to what we call a ‘higher level.'” 

Customers can also purchase 40 or 80 milligram cups of the infused barbeque sauce.  


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