ELY, Nev. (KOLO) – Stores across the nation are affected by COVID-19, forced to close or run online.

Cannabis shops in Northern Nevada are seeing a different kind of impact.

Including one local ‘feel good’ shop on the Ely Shoshone reservation.

“We have seen an increase in our customer flow,” said Andrea Boker. “We’re definitely staying busy, I believe we’re the only one open on this side of the state.

Boker is the general manager of Tsaa Nesunwka Dispensary (pronounced zaah nuh-soon-gwa) said they’re thriving through their online orders and store pick-ups.

“We’re on tribal land so things are definitely different for us,” explained Boker. “We’re definitely seeing one person in our lobby at a time. We’re really being strict with the rules.”

That includes operating on limited hours and reserving the first hour exclusively for seniors and high risk patients.

“So far it’s been working, it has caused some confusion and frustration with our customers but we explain to them how serious it is,” added Boker. “If they want us to keep providing for their medicine, they’ll have to follow our rules.”

Boker said the dispensary is dedicated to helping their community, with donated funds to help the local boys and girls club, toy drives and powwows.

“Locals are always loyal to us, we’ve helped change people lives and we’ve seen what cannabis can do other than just the regular stress relief,” said Boker.

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