HANGZHOU, China–()–The holiday season is back! How do you get your favorite entertainment whenever, wherever? During the holidays, augmented reality glasses make a great gift. Rokid Air AR glasses are now available on Rokid official online store (, which provides faster and more reliable checkout processes, making online shopping a breeze.

See how others are using Rokid Air.

How do truck drivers enjoy movies on the go?

David is a truck driver driving on his own around the United States all year long, even during holidays.

He usually browses short videos on his phone to stay awake over a break at the service area. “Looking down at my phone actually causes more neck fatigue. With Rokid Air, however, I could watch videos lying with my hands free.”

Let’s level up the cycling experience!

DIY spices up Alan’s sports experience. “I modified my bike so I can cycle at home. I can view the road or lake using Rokid Air AR glasses. Excitement masks my fatigue.”

A smartwatch talks to an e-reader?

Jeff has got the latest e-book reader. He tries reading e-books with his Rokid Air on, which was a truly unique experience. Now he can focus on reading without distractions. He feels more relaxed without strain on the neck and the necessity of hand-holding the device.

The last thing standing in the way of perfection is the “page-flipping” experience. He experiments with connecting AR glasses, mobile phone and smartwatch, only to find he can turn pages with the watch only. He doesn’t need to bother with the phone any more and concentrates more on reading.

“If you own Galaxy Watch 4 watch install free app wearmouse to scroll and flip E-book. Samsung Z Fold 3 connected to Rokid Air. Normally I will put Z Fold 3 in my pocket connected to Rokid Air with Dex mode and use my watch to flip my daily recitation in prayer.”

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About Rokid Air

The Rokid Air’s compact, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing design, as well as its foldable body, makes it easy to carry around. To facilitate visually challenged users, Rokid Air is equipped with a rotary knob for up to 5.00D adjustable focus. Moreover, the 43-degree FoV and dual HD directional speaker provide consumers with the best-in-class movie and gaming experience.

Since its advent, Rokid Air has been the very first consumer AR glasses selling over 30,000 sets worldwide. By far it has been serving more than 76 countries and regions. Rokid Air is really popular among global users.

Rokid, a product platform company founded in 2014, focuses on human-computer interaction technology. Currently, Rokid is working on the research and development of hardware and software products such as AR glasses and the YodaOS-XR ecological project. Through the research of speech recognition, natural language processing, optical display, semiconductor platform, and hardware design, Rokid has developed a range of AR glasses for customers such as the Rokid Air. To date, the company’s products have been sold and used in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.


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