Make Cannabis E-Liquid Correctly !!! ( Short Version )

A complete walkthrough from bud to the sweetest and best tasting Cannabis E-liquid.

This is the shorter version if you prefer to just get the key points

3 links provided
1. A temperature guide
2. A distillation process to de-fat and de-wax
3. The extended version incase you are missing something or need better examples and explanations

Please STOP making hot vg stew! that’s not how its done
Stop cold 45+ day brews . this is a serious no go !

New to the scene is emulsifiers
Use ( Wax Liquidizer) or ej mix if possible when using this method. Im told this can be vaped in any device useing a ratio of 2/3 concentrate to solution.

YOU MUST HAVE A CERAMIC CARTRIDGE OR ATOMIZER! ( for quality vape hits when not using ej mix or wax liquidizer )
You can get one here for 2 usd..but beware its cheap . Use discount code DNRL10 for 10% off
A high quality ceramic cartridge can be found for about 20-40 USD here are some examples.

Water should be 98-110 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes to convert the thcA into thc

Oil bath will go to any temperature please be careful and use a thermometer
ratio 1 gm to 4 mL is best for the end product .

Start with 4 ml in the glass for mixing and you will get the exact same results. if it gets to thick just add some vape liquid. after it has begun cooling add the remainder 10-11 mL. to equal 16 total @ 160-175 mg per mL.

This end product at a ratio of 1gm to 1.3 mL is 500 mg per mL which would cost about 75 usd per mL;
at a ratio of 1 – 4 per mL my end product would be 16mL at about 160 mg per mL and normally cost between 30 and 55 usd each mL

here is a temperature guide

here is a link to a distillation process to de-fat and de-wax to make professional quality eliquid or highest grade possible from home


If you wish to know more about the different types of extraction processes or the different ways to vape… Please visit my website


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