Make your own High Viscosity Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges with Terpenes

Watch us turn shatter into a high concentrate thc vape oil with only terpenes as an additive – no MCT, VG or PG required to dilute the oil.

Watch us make 50:50 CBD/THC cartridges using CBD isolate:

See our video regarding working with rosin:

Using terpene blends from Terpene Botanicals:
and ceramic coil cartridges from Jupiter Research:

In this video we decarboxylate the cannabis oil – that step is sometimes unnecessary if the oil is already of a more fluid viscosity and isn’t hard and brittle like shatter. In cases where decarboxylation is unnecessary, simply heating the oil to 80-90 celsius will get the material fluid enough to blend in terpenes and fill cartridges.


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