Making cannabis oil (unheated method)

In this film I will show you how I make cannabis oil without heating it. I supported many people in their process of disease (such as cancer, Parkinson, etc.)
By not heating the oil it will work in a completely different way as heated oil does. in my oppinion it becomes stronger in healing the body for all kinds of projects.

By buying your cannabis seeds for your cannabis oil through this link:{BD580E4F-7851-4184-A892-555F4218B7AF} you will help me and I can make more videos like this one.

On this channel I will mainly focus on plant medicines, how to make it, my experiences with it and my vision of a healthy and pleasant life full of abundance of things you want!

Licenses: All video, audio and text is made by Filav (Jochem van der Linden)

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