It appears that supporters of a petition drive have gathered sufficient signatures to put the medical marijuana issue on Nebraska’s general election ballot on Nov. 3. In today’s Hub Opinion, we suggest voters take a careful, reasoned approach because so much is unknown and unpredictable about medical marijuana. We also asked people around Kearney their opinions.

Question: Are you in favor of medical marijuana?

“No, I’m against it. It opens the door for recreational marijuana, so I would be worried about the abuse.”

“No, I am not in favor. I just don’t think the benefits are worth the risks. The users could abuse it.”

“Yes, I’m in favor. It’s OK for people who need it. It’s a good idea to let Nebraskans vote on it.”

“I’m in favor of it. If I knew it would help me, I would smoke it. Is that how you take it, by smoking it?”

“Yep, I support it. If it helps, it helps. I know our governor is speaking against it, but if it helps, it helps.”


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