Marijuana & Cannabis Business Consulting

According to CNBC, marijuana has grown into a 45 Billion dollar industry. This tremendous growth has inspired many entrepreneurs to invest in this emerging market. At Pinnacle Consultation, we have made it our mission to help entrepreneurs succeed in the cannabis industry through a three phase process.

Phase One. Inception.
By carefully analyzing market opportunity and the regulatory environment surrounding the location, Pinnacle Consultation will help you determine the best market for your business. Once a location is chosen, we will assist in organizing your team, determining core competencies, securing financing and structuring your business.

Phase Two. Pre-License.
Once you have laid the groundwork for your cannabis business it is time to apply for your license. An Executed license application will often run hundreds of pages long. At Pinnacle Consultation we understand the process and can help you be successful!

Phase Three. Pre-Operational.
After being licensed this is the point when you hire your employees, begin marketing, and selecting the products that your business will produce or sell. Pinnacle will help you maximize your workflow efficiency and help attract customers.

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