Apparently there’s more than one way to mitigate the stress of quarantining from the deadly spread of the coronavirus. Dispensaries all across America are claiming marijuana sales have spiked since people have been recommended to quarantine themselves to avoid catching COVID-19.

According to the Orange County Register, sales at Bud and Bloom, a dispensary in Los Angeles, have increased 30 percent within the last week.

“A supervisor came into the break room and said he just sold $1,500 worth of edibles to one customer,” Kandice Hawes, a spokesperson for the store, told the outlet.

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Further north in Oakland, Ganja Goddess also experienced an increase in sales.

“Right at the end of last week, we saw a huge uptick. Our sales have tripled in the past week. Everyone’s working overtime,” Zachary Pitts, CEO of Ganja Goddess, told the Orange County Register.

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Similar trends are being experienced in New York City. “On an average day, one of them is making at least 60 deliveries, making on average $8,000–$9,000,” Zach Sokol, managing editor of Merry Jane, told New York Magazine about marijuana delivery. “They both said in light of corona, they’re hitting holiday season type of traffic, $10,000 today.” 

In Washington state, sales of marijuana have increased by 33 percent compared to the week prior. Data from Headset suggests the amount per purchase has increased to $33.70 with the number of people buying more than $50 worth of weed went from 16 to 21 percent in a week.

Even rapper Offset is partaking in the self-quarantining festivities. On Thursday, March 19 his wife, Cardi B took fans inside their home to show what the couple has been doing to ride out the pandemic indoors. Not only have they stocked up on toilet paper, but she shared the Offset has turned to stocking up on his blunts. 

“Look how bored he is,” the Money rapper remarked as she panned the camera over to his growing stash. “Look how many blunts he rolled already. Back to back for no f**n reason.”


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