As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many companies are changing the way they do business, including the marijuana business.

TruMed is a dispensary in Phoenix, and officials with the dispensary say they were one of the first dispensaries to begin implementing social distancing measures. They are now doing everything online, and limiting who can come inside.

Officials say throughout the whole process, they have been very busy.

“This has been a good change for us. We implemented this really quickly, and it hasn’t slowed us down,” said TruMed President Lauren Gooding.

Usually, patients arrive and can talk at the showroom. Now, the showroom is now empty, with prescriptions sitting there, ready to go. This is all done in an effort to social distance.

“People don’t realize we still have high risk patients,” said Gooding. “Chemotherapy, immune-compromised. A lot of ALS patients and all patients in between. We are trying to do our best.”

Officials with TrueMed say they are still serving the same amount of people. At first, however, many ran to them, fearing a possible closure.

“Patients were coming in, trying to max out just like they do toilet paper. They were rushing here as well,” said Gooding. “We were putting limits to products to allow everyone to purchase.”

Since then, the business has been deemed essential. Officials say they will have enough products to go around.

“We have no fears of running out of product,” said Gooding. “So far, so good.”

TruMed officials say they will practice these guidelines, so long as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends them to ensure their patients’ safety.

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