Over 100 fully grown marijuana trees, and an estimated 50 seedlings were destroyed during a police exercise in La Romaine.

The drugs were discovered in a field some 200 feet off Recreation Avenue, Gulf View, on Thursday, police said.

Officers had received intelligence of a marijuana plantation.

Acting on the information received, officers of the Southern Division, led by Snr Sup Mohammed and Sup Ramesar, responded.

At about 1pm that day, the officers made their way to the location given, and they found the drugs.

Surveillance was paid to the area, however, no one was observed visiting the plantation.

As a result, a decision was made to destroy the fields.

The operation also included ASP. Ali-Mohammed, Insp. Teeluck, Sgt. Joseph, Sgt Barran, Cpl Charles, PC Ragoonanan, WPC Plenty, PC Samaroo, PC Mohammed, WPC  Maxwell, and others.


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