Father’s Day is coming, and there’s never been a better time to get the old man high — or medicated, at the very least. Legal marijuana and hemp products are easy to find these days, and all of that access and information has made senior citizens one of the fastest-growing demographics among marijuana users.

But not all of our parents are ready to dive right in to blunts and dabs, and products such as edibles, infused lotions and hemp-based materials might be just the ticket to help get Dad on the cannabis train.

To speed up the process, here are five marijuana and hemp products to check out for Father’s Day:

THC Chip Dips

What’s more welcome at Dad’s household on Sunday than dip for all those chips? All three of Athelas’s chip dips (ranch, French onion and Southwestern, which doubles as taco seasoning) are available in Colorado dispensaries, and each carry 10 milligrams of THC, so you don’t need to worry about Dad going to the moon as long as he doesn’t eat the dish by himself. If ranch won’t get him to try weed, what will?

Cannabis Beer

What will convince your dad to give weed a try if even ranch fails? Beer, obviously. Although the alcohol is removed after brewing, Ceria Brewing‘s Belgian-white, IPA and lager are all infused with THC or a THC/CBD combination, designed for fast cannabis effects to go with craft-beer taste. California brewery Lagunitas has also entered the cannabis drink market, releasing hoppy seltzer waters infused with THC and CBD.

Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars uses hemp fibers to craft guitars and music equipment.EXPAND

Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars uses hemp fibers to craft guitars and music equipment.

Courtesy of Backstage Flash

Low-THC, High-CBD Tinctures

If the recreational aspect of cannabis isn’t enough to lure your pops to the green side, maybe the medical benefits will. CBD has opened even more doors for senior citizens than medical marijuana, and it’s a good way to ease them into expanding their minds on the subject. Tinctures with a high-CBD, low-THC ratio can help the old man deal with ailments associated with age (chronic and joint pain, inflammation, lack of sleep), and that little bit of THC does more than make the day a good time, as the dual-cannabinoid effect is believed to increase medical benefit.

Escape Artist Pain Cream

If the weedy flavor of cannabis tinctures is too much for your dad’s old-school tastebuds, maybe topicals are a better way to dip his toes into the water. Although not viewed as the most effective form of medical marijuana treatment, topicals are a popular form of pain relief for older consumers because the lotions aren’t intoxicating. Our favorite comes from Escape Artist, a brand that sells both cannabis and hemp pain creams; you can even buy the CBD-only versions outside of dispensaries.

Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars

These guitars, cabinets, straps and knobs are all made from hemp fibers, a more sustainable base for equipment production than traditional materials, and just became available from Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars, a Fort Collins-based company from Colorado hemp veteran Morris Beegle. Just about every form of music praises the plant, so you might as well let your dad jam out with something made from it.


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