Are you making any of those MARIJUANA STOCKs mistakes?
With the cannabis industry being such a new market to invest in everybody is a rookie investor, even investors that have been investing in stocks for 20 or 30 years are new to the market because the market itself is new, and being so volatile cannabis stocks have even created new investors, people that had never invested in stocks before are starting investing for the first time in this very market and we see them making tons of mistakes but because you’re family now we don’t want you making those mistakes that’s why in this video we’ll share with you the 5 of the biggest mistakes investors make while investing in marijuana stocks, and the last one is a pretty special one so be sure to stick around for it!

If you don’t have the time to enjoy the whole video here is a summary of it:
1. Investing in only 1 or 2 companies. 1:33
2. Investing based on fast and reckless decisions. 2:39
3. Investing only based on speculations and news. 3:43
4. Investing only based on hopes and hot air. 4:32
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