The Cornwall sign along Hwy. 2. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

CORNWALL — A young Cornwall child was rushed to hospital after ingesting a cannabis-laced treat.

The incident prompted Eastern Ontario Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis to warn yesterday about keeping marijuana edibles out of the hands of children. Dr. Roumeliotis said he was recently informed of the “overdose” by Cornwall Police.

Reported by the doctor as being between two and five years old, the involved youngster “ate some edible cannabis that was left around, cookies or I don’t know what it was,” he said, adding the child fortunately recovered.

The incident serves as “another reminder” that cannabis edibles, though legal, should be labelled and kept under lock and key, Dr. Roumeliotis emphasized with a “please, please, please.”

He said similar incidents in the region have involved the elderly inadvertently consuming the recreational drug in baked goods. The recommended security measures would also prevent their ingestion by pets, he added.





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