The Southfield City Council recently approved a plan to turn an existing building at 21342 Bridge St. into a medical marijuana provisioning center.

 The building is located off of Eight Mile and west of Telegraph Road.

The building is located off of Eight Mile and west of Telegraph Road.

Photo by Deb Jacques


SOUTHFIELD — A building near the intersection of Eight Mile and Telegraph roads will soon be turned into a medical marijuana grow facility.

At a July 27 meeting held via teleconference, the Southfield City Council unanimously approved a proposal to convert an existing building into a medical marijuana grow facility.

The building is located at 21342 Bridge St., off of Eight Mile, west of Telegraph Road.

The proposal was from Southfield Cannabis Company LLC on behalf of the owner of the building, 21342 Bridge LLC.

City Planner Terry Croad said that there will be very little changes to the outside of the building from how it looks currently, but there will be a few upgrades to the site plan.

According to plans shown during the meeting, the first floor will contain six flower rooms, a vegetative room, storage rooms, a trim room, a packaging room and a vault.

The mezzanine will have two dry/care and sale storage rooms, a conference room and a break room, according to the plan.

Jason Crockett, of Crockett Cannabis, said he worked on the flow and design of the facility.

Crockett said the building will contain about 1,500 marijuana plants, which is considered a Class C facility by the state and the largest grow license in Michigan.

While there may be a lot of plants, Crockett said barely anyone will know the facility even exists, with only employees going in and out of the building.

“This is going to be a very low-traffic facility, it’s just going to be for growing. It’s not going to be for dispensing,” Crockett said.  “Nobody is going to really even know it’s there.”

Resident Lewis Williams called into the teleconference to voice his opposition to the plan.

“It seems our city is being singled out for marijuana grow and marijuana retail businesses,” he said. “I say let them take these businesses to other cities and that we don’t want them here. I urge the City Council to vote no on this plan to have yet another marijuana grow business in our city.”



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