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Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today. James West and Ed Milewski provide comprehensive fundamental & technical analysis on all trending business and investment news, while interviewing the top CEOs of all public companies and analysts with the highest reputations in the business.

0:00 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis News and Analysis with James & Ed
-Ed was right about a market turnaround

-Namaste (CVE:N) subsidiary Cannmart purchased Buds2go.ca; high-ranking organic search results
-Liberty Health Sciences announced 5 more Florida dispensaries by end of 2018
-Cannaccord Genuity (TSE:CF) and Columbia Care merger; 91% of outstanding equity interests held by Columbia Care holders
-TerrAscend announced Q3 financials; net loss of $2.8M; revenue increased $1.8M
-Medicure (CVE:MPH) reported $545,000 loss in Q3
-National Action Cannabis opened 9 new stores in Alberta
-Indiva Limited signed non-binding LOI for acquisition of medical cannabis cultivation in Denmark; going for EU GMP cert.
-Aleafia Health inc and Serruya Private Equity launched Canada-wide cannabis retail joint venture; Serruya making $10M strategic investment in Aleafia
-Curaleaf (CNSX:CURA) announced launch of Curaleaf Hemp, CBD hemp product line
-Bitcoin fell by more than 10% yesterday; weakest level since Oct. 2017; Ethereum has fallen by 14% since Monday

-ML Indexes review: green day; everything up around 2.5% to 4%
-S&P and ML Canadian Cannabis Index 5 day charts: close correlation between the two
-ML large cap: breaking the trend? looks promising; new trends start after big changes
-Acreage Holdings: no one got $0.05 or $0.06 shares; just the way it was reported
CB1 Capital Management CIO Todd Harrison talks about US cannabis company share structure and the potential of cannabis biotech and life sciences companies to reward retail investors.

32:49 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed
-Green Growth Brands (CNSX:GGB) chart; Aphria has made a $55M investment in GGB (Aphria investment in US); deep of pocket and vastly experienced (retail/brand experience); provided pro forma financials; product Meri Jayne CBD water

44:33 – Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) (NYSE:ACB) CCO Cam Battley is ecstatic about the company’s Q1 2019 financial results, which saw Aurora’s pro-forma revenue increase 333 percent to $35.8 million. According to Battley, Aurora’s earnings are “by the far the most powerful revenue quarter that any cannabis company has delivered.”

1:01:35 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed
-Aurora nice uptick at the end of the day
-S&P went into a fall around 3 pm; cannabis index did the same thing around the same time
-Exercise: compare ACB in US with ACB in Canada, where’s the action? Very similar volumes

1:08:56 – Ask Me Anything
-Q: Why is the economy still so strong in the US given the political climate? A: one might argue it’s not, gone into a bear market; zero interest rates, so much liquidity
Q: Where is oil and gas going in Canada? A: the lowest; not going anywhere
Q: Will ACB reach $20 next year? A: It will breach $20
Q: Day trading weed stocks vs. night trading? A: This is a buy and hold market; but can take profits off the table; buy quality and hold it
Q: What do you guys say to audience members who say you pump only your own stocks? A: We disclose clients/holdings, talk about other stuff as well; sometimes we’re wrong

1:21:51 – Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed
-ML Indexes: large cap; Canopy Growth put on 5%; TGOD second; Organigram up 3.5%
-Aphria didn’t participate; closed flat
-Origin House up 1.6%; Planet 13 up 2.66%
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CB1 Capital Management CIO Todd Harrison

Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE/TSE:ACB) CCO Cam Battley


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