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-goal to grow own brand Fly
-California footprint
-12-14 SKUs
-585% increase on revenue
Nutritional High International Inc (CNSX:EAT) CEO Jim Frazier

-WeedMD (WMD) chart: have a good catalyst coming; one of few companies with a supply agreement with Shoppers Drug Mart; Shoppers moving on selling medical cannabis online (probably in the new year) Have really good support on the chart
-Aleafia reverse split: a lot less share at a higher price; looking to list on major US exchange? (meet share price minimum)
-Aleafia: pure market sentiment taking it down (below Bollinger bank)
-48North (CVE:NRTH): great news, significant news; up, but the market is not responding as well as it would in different economic climate
-if you’re going to be a short term trader, need a system check hourly levels
-S&P up 20 points
-USA-China truce: sigh of relief to markets
-Cronos: up 10 percent
-48North (NRTH) announced supply deal with Canopy, up over 16%
-Aphria (TSE:APHA) chart: potential double bottom? was actually gapping 5-6% in pre-markets, dramatic decline once news came out
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben

Video – Cann I Drive? Testing driving skills in a simulator while high. Part 1: Sober.

-operate a bit like a trade desk
-Strong compliance component to Adelaide; assists with internal compliance as well
-try to be with clients for at least 3-5 years
-consolidation has shrunk company base (in terms of trading stock)
-all kinds of companies
-typical look for cash flow assistance
-investor relations firm
-Avicanna Inc in Colombia; 7 cents a gram production of cannabis
Adelaide Capital Markets Partners Debra Honig and Jackie Kelly

-MJardin Group (CNSX:MJAR) closed acquisition of vertically-integrated, international cannabis platform GrowForce Holdings Inc
-Tetra BioPharma hemp energy drink shipping
-Tilray Inc (NASDAQ:TLRY) rebranded subsidiary as Tilray Latin America (distribution in South American)
-Australis (CNSX:AUSA) deal with Quality Green, expansion plans
-Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) offering shares up to gross proceeds of $12.4M
-Khiron (CVE:KHRN) commencement of sales in Mexico
-Waterloo Brewing (TSE:BRB) developed commercial production of cannabis infused non -alcoholic beverages with Cannabis Compliance
-Aurora Cannabis (TSE:ACB) commenced shipments of softgels
-48North completed previously announced Good and Green purchase
-Wayland Group (CNSX:WAYL) announced expansion into Australia (Darwin Northern Territory); 51% of Tropicann Pty Ltd
-Canopy Growth Corp (NYSE:CGC) 2 agreements with 48North (CVE:NRTH); supply and financing agreements

-if you think the company can get over this, these stock prices might look appealing
-Aphria; all-time high volume breaking a major line of support (important)
-canna-bev narrative played out; rumours are not worth chasing
-Cronos chart (NASDAQ:CRON):definitely acting differently than the rest of the sector (best performer lately among big five)
-Hindenburg rumours
-Altria rumours
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben

-Altria news: rumours with Cronos (NASDAQ:CRON); previously the rumours were with Aphria
-came out today when cannabis names were going to gap up
-story is compelling as written by Hindenburg, but they’re short sellers
-if long term investor, this could be a blip; if you’re a trader opportunity to buy it cheaper
-we’ve been to the facility twice; seen cannabis grown under best practices
-some of it is old news;
-short strategy
-Aphria-Hindenburg Research piece
Skype visit with James in New York

-report from Hindenburg Research (typically short sellers)
-Aphria report (APHA) 40M shares traded; broken a lot of key support
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with Ed & Ben

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