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-Crown Mining (CVE:CWM) copper deposit; recycled copper is 20% yearly supply; copper deficit
-Acreage Holdings, privately controlled company trading on a public exchange

420 Segment “WTF”: OCS confusing product labeling

-Heritage Cannabis (CNSX:CANN);
-is it going to blow past old high?
-TSE:HMMJ 3 month review
Macroeconomics and Cannabis Analysis with James & Ed

Video – History of Hemp: Cannabis isn’t the only plant that was given a new life on October 17. It’s cousin, hemp, was also made legal, which is good news considering it’s very checkered past. With Liz West.

-interested in companies that are researching/investing in more efficient production
-cannabis still a long term investment play
-assessment of rec market: lack of provincial agreement across the board disrupted distribution channels; product was there. Working out the distribution bugs right now
-biosynthetic growers biggest risk to plant growers (because of medical research); most of the big producers have partnerships with universities for research
-Aphria’s Lesotho deal
-not just backfilling CDN rec demand; Canadian companies are going to continue to grow in international markets
-for right now US companies are still going to come to list in Canada because of access to capital markets
-Sessions was just one road block
-won’t impact CDN companies in the short term
-Sessions resignation and midterm de-prohibition moves
Steve Hawkins, CEO, Horizon ETFs Management (TSE:HMMJ)

Video: Patriot One Technologies Inc Active Threat Detection System (CVE:PAT) (OTCMKTS:PTOTF) (FRA:0PL)

-different international approach coming in the next few weeks; 1st in the door in new international markets (for medical, margins much bigger)
-$500M market cap and less cannabis companies least risk in the sector right now
-liquidity going up every day, large announcements coming out in net few days should help
-stock hasn’t taken off; message hasn’t got out
-Biome focusing on modularity; smaller grow rooms, protect crops, better product, works for different strains; artisanal size rooms (as cost effective as the large “sea of green” spaces)
-facilities built without proper automation; cannabis lacks consistency (that’s why the shortages have occurred)
-worried about price of cannabis falling throughout the deal? No, under construction NFLD facility will be GME compliant; mostly shipping to Europe, medical cannabis
-announced major supply agreement NFLD; if meet all commitments $100M revenue by 2020
Biome Grow Inc (CNSX:BIO) CEO Khurram Malik

Video – THC and ADHD: new studies show that THC might be used to treat people with ADHD with the side effects of current treatments. With Adamo Barbiero.

-Google integrity; anti-competitive
-Acreage Holdings $400M lawsuit against the company (against Acreage and New York subsidiaries; frivolous?)
-most of the money’s flowing to Tilray
-Charlotte’s Web (CWEB) up to approx. $18
-Origin House (OH); iAnthus all up because of Sessions departure
-US financing for US cannabis companies the big threat to Canadian cannabis companies
-MedMen up because of Sessions news
-everything up except TGOD; perception about stocks, profit taking
-Tilray up $30; MedMen big winner of the day
-US operators are going to surge in price on Sessions news (at the expense of Canadian operators without US holdings)
-ML indexes review; 3.5% up on the large cap index
-green day
-Planet 13 Holdings releasing its Q3 reporting
-Emerald Health fulfilled initial supply agreements
-Body and Mind Inc announced King Cannabis Brand; flower products, vapes,
-Wayland Group announced additions to board of directors; Clay Horner who helped with Molson-Coors deal
-Aphria and Perennial Inc est. joint venture to creature adult use products
-US Midterms: ND voted against rec; Michigan approves rec; medical marijuana is legal in 33 states
-Jeff Sessions resignation; legalization on the horizon?
Macroeconomics and Cannabis News and Analysis with James & Ed

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