SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Cultivators are cleared to grow, and some dispensaries could have a product ready by September.

Lyndall Fraker, Director of the Medical Marijuana Program for the State’s Health Department says that they are in the process of getting several facilities in the state inspected and approved. In fact, some are already operating.

“We’ve completed three cultivation inspections, so there are 3 facilities operating now in the state. One’s in Earth City, Missouri, one is in Perryville, and one is in Carrollton,” says Fraker.

Fraker says three other cultivation sites, and 8 dispensaries are awaiting final inspection, but the state is still waiting on one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle: testing facilities to ensure products meet the legal standard. None of the 10 testing sites are ready for a check.

“The testing, we actually do not have a request (for inspection) yet. We’re waiting for one, and we have to have that facility up and ready to go – or at least once – before we can allow the dispensaries to sell the product,” Fraker says.

Old Route 66 Wellness in Springfield will be one of the first dispensaries to open. Owner John Lopez says they plan to have their locations in Springfield and Ozark ready by mid-September if not earlier.

At the location near Glenstone and I-44, Lopez says they are just about done with the two main parts of the facility.

“Anyone can come and be with a patient in the retail area, but you have to hold a card or be a caregiver to come into the dispensary area. That’s the process of getting into (the dispensary area),” Lopez says.

Lopez says once they are completed, they’ll also have one of America’s first pharmacy-style marijuana drive-thru’s, and you can pick up your product my simply ordering online.

“Once they’ve ordered it, we’ll send them a text when it’s ready to be picked up. It’s touch free, there’s no direct contact,” says Lopez.

They plan to have about 30 staff members to ensure quick, efficient and safe service.

In the weeks before they open, they will be holding classes to educate people about the endocannabinoid system in the human body, as well as the effects marijuana has on physical and mental health.

For more information, you can visit their website,


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