VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — More B.C. residents are buying cannabis just from licensed retailers compared to last year, according to a Research Co. poll.

The latest online survey from Research Co. finds more than two-thirds of the 900 respondents support legalized cannabis, and more than half buy from such channels. The latter represents an 18-point increase since a similar survey was conducted in October.

“Now we have, definitely, a surge in those who say they’re getting all of their cannabis legally,” said Mario Canseco, of Research Co. “So very slowly, some of those black markets sources are starting to dry out.”

Across the province, 16 per cent of cannabis consumers say none of what they have used since legalization has been acquired at a licensed retailer, including 25 per cent of those aged 55 and over.

Regarding the legalization of illicit drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, or fentanyl, about 75 per cent don’t like the idea.

“We don’t see a lot of support for legalizing fentanyl, or ecstasy, or heroin, or crack. The numbers are shifting a little bit, but not enough to suggest there’s a lot of B.C. residents who are ready to legalize all those hard drugs,” Canseco said.

Results also show a growing number of people are willing to be accountable to their employers about their legal use of marijuana.

“Now we have 61 per cent of B.C. residents who believe that companies should be able to administer drug tests,” said Canseco. “This is something that is happening in the United States and some other companies.”

In some countries, he adds, companies can administer drug tests to employees even if they do not operate machinery, such as planes, trucks or cranes.


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