Milesburg, Pa. — On December 28, 2019, Pennsylvania State Troopers were called to 101 Eagle Street in Milesburg for a reported PFA violation.

According to a criminal complaint filed by trooper Shane Eichelberger, he spoke with Brandon Shawley outside the residence when he arrived on scene. Shawley gave him permission to search the residence for the subject of the PFA violation. 

Once inside the residence, Eichelberger alleged he detected the odor of marijuana. He was then given permission to continue his search from Sherry Rossman.

According to the complaint a David Rossman, 22, of Bellefonte led him to an upstairs bedroom where an orange bin containing marijuana was in plain view. In the bin were allegedly 12 partially intact plants that yielded 111.03 grams.

Rossman was initially charged with manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent, small amount of marijuana for personal use, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia.

The search came up empty for the person who violated the PFA. 


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