MUSKEGON, Mich. — The City of Muskegon is considering a proposal to expand where people can open a medical or recreational marijuana business.

Muskegon City Commissioners voted Tuesday night to add two new marijuana overlay districts. 

One of the overlay districts includes two properties on West Clay Avenue and one on Washington Avenue in the city’s downtown. 

A second includes properties on East Apple Avenue and Getty Street.

City Commissioners comes after community members requested the city expand the locations in town where medical and recreational marijuana can be sold.

Currently those businesses are restricted to two zones boarded by Seaway, Young Avenue. And an area boarded by Laketon, Park, Keating, and Holbrook. 

Millions of dollars are being invested in commercial properties in the existing Marijuana overlay district. 

Muskegon City Commissioners will take a second vote on the overlay expansion next month.


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