After nearly two weeks of travel on the East Coast, host and cannabis reporter Eddie Celaya is focusing this episode on what’s going on across the pond with a look at the first publicly traded cannabis pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom: Kanabo.

To do that, he’s joined by Kanabo CEO and Executive Director Avihu Tamir and Suleman Sacranie, the founder of UK-based telehealth platform The GP Service, which was recently acquired by Kanabo.

Together the three discuss Kanabo’s birth in Israel (the first and so far only country in the world with a federal medical cannabis program), the differences between products, markets and regulations on cannabis when it comes to different EU member states and the U.S. Plus, a look at how telehealth for cannabis works in the UK — and how it could reach a state near you.

The conversation begins with both men explaining their introductions to cannabis and how the experiences shaped their businesses. A note: Due to technical difficulties while recording this interview, the questions have been re-recorded at the Arizona Daily Star Studio.

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