“This experience will allow them to lead Virginia’s industry, providing patient-focused care in a sustainable manner while reinvesting in our local community,” according to the document.

The board’s support for a medicinal cannabis cultivator came just days before Gov. Ralph Northam announced a push to introduce and support legislation in the 2021 General Assembly session to legalize recreational marijuana use in Virginia.

Supervisor Jesse Rutherford said he believes Nelson County is a “natural fit” for products like cannabis.

Board Chairman Tommy Harvey said in an interview after the meeting that the potential facility presents an opportunity for the county. He said he doesn’t see the prospect as a “real strong possibility” at this point, however.

“They’re throwing out the fishing line and seeing what they can catch,” Harvey said.

Should the company choose to locate in the Collen Business Park, the resolution states it is estimated to create 100 new jobs paying $15 to $16 per hour.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity to have good-paying jobs in Nelson County. I do know that that has the potential to change 100 families, product aside,” Rutherford said.

Rutherford stressed the importance of the facility being structured around medicinal marijuana.


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