HARRISTOWN, ILL. (WAND) – It’s official for Harristown, the cannabis industry is making its way to Macon County. A growery and dispensary was recently approved, leaders say this is an opportunity for improvement in the area.

“The growery will provide jobs, the dispensary will provide jobs. We’re hoping it’ll increase other businesses in the area with this development. And of course there are sales tax dollars, but I would not say that’s necessarily the most important reason. We are hoping for further development in the village,” said Mayor Evelyn Deverell.

With those sales tax dollars officials look forward to putting that money back in to the community.

For sewer improvements, to improve more roads. We get aft dollars but those don’t always cover very many streets. We are hoping to, as the gentleman said earlier, it’s possible we might look at a police force down the road. Not just because of a cannabis industry, but because the village has no police force of our own,” said Mayor Deverell.

On the other hand, some residents in the area don’t like this new development.

“I don’t know what to say. Like I said, we’re possibly looking for another place,” resident Pam Shepherd told WAND News.

Some residents in the area worry about a potential increase of crime, traffic, and devaluation of local property. Saying it’s too close to a residential area.

“These people were elected to do what we want them to do. And I know that they want it here in the village, but we don’t want it in our neighborhood. We would rather it be some place that’s secluded and not where children, small families have their kids playing in the streets and stuff,” said resident Steve Shepherd.

The board of trustees voted approval of the zoning, being 500 feet within residential properties. With the controversy this development created, leaders say they are taking those concerns in to consideration.

“There will be some things we ask the company to do to mitigate some of the neighbors concerns in that neighborhood, and we’ll work from there,” said Mayor Deverell.

Officials say the cannabis dispensary and growery are working on building plans now, and hope to start building as soon as next month.

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