The New York Senate has approved a bill to be promptly delivered to Governor Andrew Cuomo that increases the number of people eligible to have low-level marijuana convictions expunged.

“This bill would ensure that individuals convicted for certain lower-level marijuana possession offenses prior to 1977 are eligible for relief in accordance with the expungement provisions enacted in 2019,” states the bill.

State Senator Brian Benjamin introduced the bill.

2019’s automatic expungement approved by the New York State Legislature created the need for a language clarification as identical offenses had different names according to the year of the event – prior or posterior to 1977.

Certain marijuana convictions for “violation or violations” are going to be re-arranged to “misdemeanor and/or violation.” 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has publicly announced its intentions to work towards full cannabis legalization.

“I believe we will, but we didn’t get it done this last session because it’s a complicated issue and it has to be done in a comprehensive way,” he said. 

News of Sen. Benjamin’s bill was first reported by Marihuana Moment. To read the complete document, click here.

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