OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Oakland’s cannabis businesses are calling for more police protection.

The request comes after a homicide at a cannabis business in East Oakland last Friday.

Police say two people were shot – a woman killed, another injured.

Industry advocates say the city of Oakland needs to do more.

“The idea that cannabis businesses are an easy target for armed robbery — that needs to change,” James Anthony said.

Anthony represents cannabis businesses in Oakland.

He says Oakland police needs to step up patrols after a homicide involving workers at a cannabis shop last Friday.

Police say on July 17, just after 10:30 p.m., officers responded to a shooting on the 500 block of Julie Ann Way.

Police say two people were shot – a woman killed, another injured.

Unsettling news for the cannabis industry.

“They’re terrified, they’re disheartened, they’re disappointed, they’re looking at moving,” Anthony said.

“We would like to feel reasonably safe and secure and operating our businesses for the workers and the community,” Anthony said.

According to Anthony, cannabis businesses were among the 200 Oakland businesses robbed during the protests in May and June.

Anthony says OPD did send officers to patrol cannabis businesses on July 4 after rumors of planned robberies – and that helped deter crime.

The industry is asking OPD for more protection that includes:

“A dedicated unit inside of OPD. We’re looking for some intelligence resources that already exists that help them predict and prevent crimes,” Anthony said. “Third thing we’re asking for is an emergency alert system. Crime data, the cannabis businesses crime is not tracked specifically by the department.”

We reached out to OPD asking if the department is considering to provide site security for cannabis businesses.

Their response in a statement reads:

“The Oakland Police Department (OPD) has been working with all businesses to improve communications and overall public safety. We take the safety and security of every business very seriously as we work to constantly improve our community. OPD has met with business owners and employees to discuss public safety. The strongest deterrent of crime is a strong relationship between the police and the community they serve.”

Anthony plans to take his requests to city council.

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