Saturday, August 29th 2020, 6:44 am

By: News 9


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has reached an agreement with a lab to perform “Quality Assurance” on medical marijuana products.

The OMMA says Demeter Laboratory has signed a one-year-deal to assist OMMA in reducing the differences in test results between approved labs in Oklahoma. OMMA says the lab will also help them work with the licensed labs in Oklahoma to develop best practices and develop testing regimes that are practical for Oklahoma and based on Oklahoma data.

“Quality lab testing is the cornerstone of ensuring that medical marijuana and medical marijuana products available to Oklahoma patients are safe for use. The QA lab will help us ensure that the testing conducted is of the highest quality and can be relied upon by the industry and patients,” said Interim Director of OMMA Dr. Kelly Williams.

The lab will be paid per sample tested.


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