The state’s first product recall has been issued by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Patients were advised Friday that Moon Mix products including vape cartridges and infused mints with the batch number 158 may be unsafe.

An OMMA spokeswoman said testing performed on the specific Moon Mix batch discovered the presence of a fungicide, myclobutanil, which when heated for smoking with cannabis can create toxic gases including hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxide.

Those who wish to seek refunds on recalled product should return to the point of sale; each dispensary will set its own refund process, according to OMMA.

Dispensaries that have the recalled product on their shelves are asked to contact OMMA.

Oklahoma has been in a grace period for required laboratory testing due to the coronavirus pandemic in which untested product may still be sold at dispensaries through July 1. However, growers are required by state law to test all cannabis harvests. According to OMMA, the cannabis batch had not failed any prior testing.

Representatives of the Edmond-based processor Moon Mix have not responded to requests for comment. “They are communicating with our compliance division,” OMMA spokeswoman Terri Watkins said Friday afternoon.

Watkins said Moon Mix had been unable to produce a testing certificate of compliance when requested by OMMA, prompting the agency to order the test of the cannabis that yielded the fungicide.

COAs are required when processors such as Moon Mix purchase wholesale cannabis from a licensed grower.


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