Pollinating Cannabis Plants – In the world of plants and vegetation, pollination plays a vital role in their life cycle. Pollination is the process of transferring pollen from a male to a female part of a plant for its fertilisation and seed production. This process is essential in creating offspring for the next generation.

Did you know that pollination applies to preserving the genetics of cannabis plants as well? If you’re looking to grow, produce, and multiply these plant species, here’s our guide on how to pollinate these plants for seed production:

1. Distinguish male from female species

As mentioned above, pollination is the transfer of pollen from a male to a female part of the plant. For this reason, you first need to identify the gender of each plant species before you can pull off the natural process. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to identify the plant’s gender during the fourth to sixth weeks of growth. All you have to do is pay special attention to the stems of the newest leaves, in the area where they join the main stems, and from there, you’ll be able to determine which one is male or female.

Sexing male and female cannabis plants
Female and Male Early Flower

2. Select the best plants

Once you have sorted out your plants, the next step to take is to select the best female and male species. As a rule of thumb, however, be sure to avoid experimenting with plants, particularly if you’re a first-timer. This is because you can easily make a mistake that will just waste your time, effort, and the whole crop itself. While you’re at it, be sure to select the right plant species for pollination, and choose a male that has the same genetic as that of a female species.

3. Obtain the pollen

After you’ve selected the right female and male plants for pollination, it’s now time to proceed to the next crucial step of obtaining the pollen required for plant fertilisation and reproduction. Be sure to wait for the flowers to open and release pollen for about two to three weeks. In just a matter of ten days, you’ll notice those “little eggs” of the male flowers as well as the first stigma of the female plant.

4. Cut the male flowers

At this point, you can begin the actual pollination work. Start by cutting the parts of the male plant at the peak of its maturity, and can use these parts or even the whole plant itself to spread the pollen on the female plants. Keep in mind that just a few flowers are enough to produce hundreds of seeds!

5. Conserve the pollen

Once you’ve finished the actual pollination, you can conserve the pollen to maintain its properties. To do so, be sure to control the humidity and temperature as these factors can impact their reproductive capabilities and qualities. Know that your pollen can be stored in a good jar and chilled for months, and you can even use this for future seed production of your cannabis plants!


At this point, we’ve covered the five key steps to follow when pollinating cannabis plants for seed production. As outlined above, all it takes is to distinguish the male from the female species, select the best plants, obtain the pollen, cut the male flowers, and conserve the pollen. Be sure to follow the steps and valuable information shared above, and be surprised at how you’ll boost your seed production for these plant species!

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