Now focused on expanding grow facilities


BIG RAPIDS — After announcing their intent to fill the former Clark Street Great Lakes Bookstore last spring, Freddie’s co-owner Barry Goodman said it could be a year of more before the business comes to Big Rapids.

“It’s really up in the air right now,” Goodman said.

Co-owned with his wife, Nicole, Freddie’s is a recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Clio which is currently delivering to Big Rapids and other neighboring areas.

Eager to announce their plans for opening a business in Big Rapids last April, it wasn’t until the coronavirus hit that the couple had to rethink their game plan. Goodman said they have now decided to focus on expanding their grow facilities before opening other dispensaries.

“I just think that the grows are important to get going before I start expanding dispensaries, (and) that I can have my own product wherever I have dispensaries so that I can establish a brand,” he said.

The Goodman’s currently own a seven-acre grow facility and is breaking ground on a 20,000-square foot grow facility in a few weeks. He said this will be the first of four large grow facilities.

“I have a delivery platform that I feel covers a good portion of the state,” Goodman said. “So, I’ve tried to then establish my own brand of flowers too so that we can add to that delivery.”

According to Goodman, Freddie’s is delivering Bay City, Midland, Saginaw, Grand Rapids and more.

“We’ve continued to try to expand our brand through a delivery platform that we believe is second to none,” he said.

Though their initial plans have shifted, Goodman said he is still looking forward to having the Freddie’s brand and future businesses all over the state of Michigan.

“I think that’s the endgame,” he said. “I mean, it could take years to get there but it’s like any start-up business — you start small and you keep growing.”

Freddie’s is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, with delivery times varying.

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